Friday, January 04, 2008

Ends in the Beginnings.

Happy New Year!

In accordance with the obligatory champagne, polar swims in the nude, and new years resolutions, we offer you these announcements:

As of today, there will be no further updates on Just to clear any confusion, all news & other pertinent info will now be featured here or (less frequently) here. The reason why there is no longer a is mostly for utility, hence the birth of, which is, (you guessed it!) the home of White Hinterland.

What is White Hinterland? We can’t say, you’ll have to be the judge. For the present and foreseeable future, there won’t be any more Casey Dienel, unless you run into her while she’s ordering a coffee or seeing a friend’s show. If it’s that Casey that you glimpse out there on the street, feel free to say hi. The other Casey has gone somewhere else, has been gone for awhile now. But all this is quite boring newstuff, compared to what else is to come!

The big news is that White Hinterland has recently decided to shack up with the good people of Dead Oceans, who since their recent naissance this past summer have already brought so much good new music into the world. To say that we are excited about working with them wouldn’t nearly do it justice! We are very honored to be a part of their family tree, and that is why on March 4th of this year, we will issue our newest effort, entitled PHYLACTERY FACTORY.

The record was recorded in Portland, OR with Adam Selzer at Type Foundry Studios. Shawn Creeden created the wonderful artwork to accompany it. We like it very much, and can’t wait to share it with you when the time comes! To hear snippets of demos for the new record, head to White Hinterland’s myspace page. But caveat emptor! The quality's quite rough, but worth a listen anyhow.

To read a much more eloquent explanation of PHYLACTERY FACTORY (LP) than we could ever hope to proffer, please read Sean Michael’s take on the Dead Oceans website.

Stay tuned.


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