Wednesday, November 29, 2006

my book report.

On my second cup of coffee now, I feel finally awake enough to write you a proper entry. I'm scheduled to return to New York today. I've been on an extended holiday. I've made some trips to see old friends. The other night I got to see my friend Lindsay for gingerbread and tea the other night. (Her songs are wonderful:

The reason for this entry, though, is because I have a little article I wrote that I want to share. A few months ago, Largeheartedboy contacted me about writing about what I've been reading. David, the largeheartedboy in question, runs the only blog I really read. He is concise, covers not only music but the written word, and does it all in a way that isn't gossipy or hype-frenzied. It's a very classy blog! I procrastinated for ages, but finally it is ready and presentable here:

I've had my head shoved in the books for several weeks now, attempting to finish a little EP for your ears that I'm calling Vessels. I can't talk too much about it, for you know how fickle I am when it comes to these things, but hopefully in the new year it will find its way to your hands with ribbons and brass, etc. I can tell you that some sounds are sprawling and some are still quite intimate, and it features a few of my favorite friends with me. I've been working madly on it with Djim Reynolds. Some of you may already know about him, because he is the maverick behind the wheel of Wind-Up Canary, as well as the records of Tiger Saw, Lindsay Vandemark, Nat Baldwin, Sam Rosen & The Members Only. You get the idea. He is awesome and wonderful! Stay tuned.



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